Eric and Mikaela Wedding

Eric and I were married on July 25, 2009 in Blacksburg, Virginia.  My new last name is Fuchs, which is pronounced Fox, so I’ve gone with a Fox theme everywhere here.  We had the reception on the blueberry farm were I grew up, called Windrush Farm, so blueberries were everywhere at the wedding as well.

I picked close to 200 pounds of blueberries that summer, and turned half into little jars of blueberry jam that the guests took home as favors.  We were in the fields picking berries the day before the wedding so every table had bowls full of raspberries and blueberries in the middle for the guests to munch on.

Our wedding invitations were fold-out style with a a detachable perforated RSVP postcard.  They were screen-printed in three colors.  The invitations remind me of an old storybook; whimsical and engaging.

The interior of the barn has a finished portion with a bedroom.  We asked the guests to stack their gifts on the ornately carved antique bed that my parents rescued from a great aunt’s collapsing house.

The fields and tent were glowing in the late afternoon light.

We filled old blue glass mason jars with flowers from friends and that grew wild along our road.

Inside the barn, we set up a Soda Bar with flavored syrups and club sodas.


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