Tea with a Duchess Invitations

I met Laura at the Bridal show last month.  She just opened a Tea Room here in Augusta called “Tea with a Duchess”.  It’s a giftshop during the week and a venue for tea parties on the weekends.  It’s exciting to see someone with a vision just go out and open a business.  What’s more- she’s going to sell my work in her shop!

I am making invitations that her customers (who mostly little girls and their mothers) can use for their tea parties.  Here are the first two of many to come…

I’d certainly have tea with these little lovelies.

I’ll print in the banners on the cards to customize for the recipients.

I wish I liked tea.  I’m afraid I’m not very refined in my beverage tastes.  All I can handle right now is chai with lots of honey, but that’s a step in the right direction.

Now tea cakes?  That’s more my style.


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