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Chicken Flag

Here’s a shot of the farm at the Restaurant where I work.  They get as much of their produce as possible from this farm, and for the past few weeks they’ve been feverishly planting and weeding.
Most exciting (for me) is new hen house and our two chickens.  They haven’t started laying yet, which is very disappointing, but I’m willing to cut them some slack for now.
I can’t wait to have chickens of my own, though I think it will have to wait until we aren’t in a rental house and actually have a back yard.  Right now we have a back slope/vegetation mess.

My passion for chickens led me to create a little flag for the farm.  We think it will look great on canvas bags, too.

A haiku for you:

Round and soft, my friend

The chicken.  Sharp bits stutter

Around the edges.


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