?Donde estan los luchadores en un mundo loco?

Somehow I’ve acquired a small obsession with Lucha Libres…Mexican Wrestlers.  I think it started when I went to Mexico for study abroad a few summers ago.  I bought several Luchador masks to bring back to my brothers.  Since then, my poor brother Aaron has born the brunt of my fascination; every birthday and Christmas I find some new paraphernalia to give him, whether it’s post cards or figurines or Lotto games.


I would love to see this show some day.  My favorite is “Octagoncito.”

I wanted to make Aaron a Lucha tshirt, so I drew up this guy.  The caption says “Where are the Luchadors in a crazy world?”  I found a Lucha website with the caption “Who fights for honor in a world gone mad?” which is excellent, but my Spanish isn’t that good.

I like the image best on the dark fabric of the tshirt.


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