Augusta Downtown Farmer’s Market

I grew up on a blueberry farm.  It was an ideal childhood, living in the green, rolling hills of southwest Virginia, 2 miles away from the river and a quarter mile away from an acre of blueberry bushes.  Every late summer/fall weekend  from middle school to college, I’d pick buckets and buckets of berries and haul them to the Blacksburg Farmer’s Market. 50-100 pounds of berries would sell out in just a few hours, and when I was done, I always treated myself with fresh baked goods from the vendors at the market, and a slurpee from the 7-11 down the street.

Which is why I’m so happy to be participating in the Augusta Farmer’s Market, selling bread I make at Manuel’s Bread Cafe.

And also why I am absolutely thrilled to make posters for the market!

I added transparent base to my ink to let the colors blend nicely, creating a third color on the apples and flowers.  I am pleased with my little characters.

This week I am printing another market design, which I will post soon.

Prints are available for $15 each and may be purchased through me or at the Augusta Farmer’s Market.  Snag some hand-made and home-grown Augusta products this weekend!


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