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DIY Chevron Curtains

We moved into our house in July, the day before we left for our week long vacation to New York.  We shoved and crammed, filling it to bursting, just in time to eek out of town.  There was hardly room to walk.  Arriving back home a week later after a relaxing, not to mention spacious, vacation, we tentatively opened the door…and it was so overwhelming I almost cried.

We spent the rest of the summer slowly sorting things out because you see, we are not organized packers or movers.  We found the iron under the pottery wheel in the closet where the t-shirts were hanging next to the winter clothes that were supposed to be under the bed, where in fact I found the rest of my dishes.  (yes, the t-shirts were hanging.  that’s my husband for you.)  Eventually we got everything organized…but by that time I was too exhausted to even THINK about decorating.

It was just a few weeks ago when I decided that I was sick of living in a home with no pictures on the wall, no table and no curtains.  Also my parents were coming to visit and I wanted them to know I’m a real grown up.

Curtains.  All I can think about lately is white and pale gold, which is fortunate because the paint in our living room is called “tailored linen,” and I don’t think any crazy colors would look decent in there.  I’m also really feeling this chevron trend, but I didn’t even both looking for pale gold/white chevron fabric.  I had a plan.

I bought yards and yards of muslin at the local fabric store. (I think I ended up buying about 15 yards.  That’s 45 feet, people.)  Muslin is pretty much the cheapest fabric you can buy and it lets a lot of light through, but it’s more substantial than those sheer polyesters that curtains are often made of.

Please excuse the messy bed…but as you can see I used a ruler to measure the points of my chevrons and taped them off with painters tape.  I made 11 in wide zigzags (space between points and the width of the stripe) with a 12 in space between each separate stripe, if you want to know.

I used Jacquard metallic paints mixed with water.  The paint didn’t seep under the tape, but it did get on the floor.  Fortunately, it wiped up easily with water.  I did consider laying cardboard under my sheets of muslin before painting…but that seemed like too much work at the time.

I hemmed the curtains and sewed the tops down to create a tunnels for the curtain rods to run through.  I used two 9 foot panels on each window.

I have to say, I’m very happy with them.  I love how the light filters through.  I’m now tempted to paint stripes on the bookshelves and the door and everything else in the house.


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