Love Bug Valentines

The Love Bugs are back in time for Valentine’s Day!   And they’re available for purchase on my Etsy page.

These cards were inspired by a Little Rascals episode I saw when I was a kid.  I still prance around the house singing like Darla “The love bug’ll getcha if you don’t watch out!”

Here, check it out starting at 2 min 10 seconds on this youtube video:



Precious, right?  Love those Rascals.

From there, I just had to imagine a smug little bug flitting around infecting people with loooooove!

Each card is hand printed and comes with a matching envelope.  They are blank inside.  Head over to Etsy for purchase.

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One response to “Love Bug Valentines

  1. Miriam

    Sooooooo….. Does E go around the house singing, “Hi-dee-hi-dee-hi-dee-ho?” :o)

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