Story Salon Invitations

As promised:  FRESH FRIDAY.  Some fresh invitations for you to ponder.

Most of my time is spent baking (my job), drawing or screen printing- all things that I love.  However, all three are rather silent, lonely activities.  I bake for a small restaurant that needs it’s space during the day to cook for customers, so I am relegated to the solitary nighttime and early morning hours.  Don’t get me wrong, its fantastic to do my own thing all the time, but as a result of all the “dead air” floating around me, I have become an audio book and podcast FIEND.  Getting my headphones on in a coffee shop or starting my speakers shouting above the sound of the mixer is my first priority before I start to work.

Here are some of my favorite podcasts, all available for free on itunes:

This American Life

Snap Judgment

The Moth

The Sound of Young America


Studio 360

All Songs Considered

Dinner Party Download

As a result of all this listening, I’m now obsessed with story telling and stand up comedy.  I love the concept of The Moth in particular.   The Moth started in NYC and has since expanded to Detroit, Chicago and LA, and hosts weekly story shows where people, any people, come and tell stories live and without notes.  Every show is standing-room-only packed.  Show-goers put their names in a drawing and that is how the story tellers are picked, so there is fabulous diversity of stories.   I really hope to get to attend a show in the near future.

All this story-telling inspired me to want to hold my own little story show at my house.  I screen printed these invitations and mailed them out to our guests.  I printed some on white paper, some on French cement green paper with green, silver and black ink.

photo by Ellie at Bird in Hand

In my opinion, the party was a huge success.  I was a little nervous because almost everyone I invited came, over 20 people, so it looked to be a very long night of monologues.  I was relieved to find that everyone’s attention was rapt until the very end!  I put names in a bowl and we drew to determine the order.

We heard about a tiger loose in a boys’ school in Uganda, a road trip to a Harry Potter Convention, the real consequences of playing with guns, over-zealous parents and quite a few near-death camping experiences.  I was thrilled with the night.  I told of the time I won second place in a tiny-town beauty pageant and of my Lord of the Rings obsession days when I decided to learn elvish…. All the stories were from the tellers experiences, and best of all: we recorded it.



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2 responses to “Story Salon Invitations

  1. let’s hear the recording 🙂

  2. What a fabulous idea for a party! Also, if you haven’t listened to the TAL episode called “Switched at Birth,” do so immediately.

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