The Children’s Treehouse

I’ve been drawing these little kids a lot lately, and I think they’ll show up a lot in my more complicated drawings.  I’ve very attracted to images with a lot going on, like Where’s Waldo or Ultimate Cross Section books.  I’d like to start doing more large-scale drawings that are meant to be viewed close and long.

I made this for Eric’s birthday a couple months ago, and it was originally intended to be a drawing of an extensive treehouse, but gradually the treehouse simplified and the children took over.

The colors took over too…I’d also originally intended to use only three colors…I need to work on editing myself.

Watercolor is my favorite- because it really is a drawing medium. Even If I’m using a brush, I still consider the work to be drawing.  I also love the layering potential.  And gold paint.

I love artwork that tells a story.  Why do you think these children are here in the treehouse?



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4 responses to “The Children’s Treehouse

  1. It reminds me of some of the drawings from PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH. Once again, I am in awe of your abilities…. Well done!!! oxox

  2. Lovely, I want to live in that treehouse.

  3. s1i11y

    This IS that crazy intricate treehouse I found New Orleans! not only because it is aesthetically similar, but also because no one kew why anybody was ever in that treehouse. 24/7.

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