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Kendall and Lance Wedding Invitations

Kendall and Lance were wonderful to work with.  They both have such unique styles, it was easy to be inspired by them.  Their colors are gray and navy, and their wedding (it’s coming up soon!) will have vintage styling.  They got engaged by the  Savannah River here in Augusta, hence the river/tree imagery.  They pretty much let me have free reign, smiling serenely when I babbled on about deconstructed envelopes and hand-lettering and screen printing.

The main invite is screen-printed front and back, with the tree/river scene on one side and the wording on the other.

I screen printed the RSVP address in gray on navy blue envelopes, and the RSVP card in navy on white cards.  I love the color scheme.

The envelope is sealed with navy sealing wax and a laurel wreath stamp.  It opens up completely to reveal the invitation and the inside is printed in gray with a subtle leaf pattern.  Kendall, Lance and our friend Kasey joined me several afternoons to cut and fold each envelope by hand.  A REAL labor of love, let me tell you.

Well worth it.

The little wedding website card featured a laurel wreath, like the wax seal.  I found out later that Lance actually has a laurel wreath tattooed on his arm!

Kendall purchased stamps in several denominations for the front of the envelopes- I think each had 4 or 5 stamps.  I acted as calligrapher for the addresses as well.  I’ll have some pictures up of the fronts of the envelopes in the next couple days.  I think the invitation suite really came together as a whole; I’m so pleased with it.

Thanks Kendall and Lance for being so awesome!  Good luck as your wedding day approaches!



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Some old test prints

A while back I made a few really rough test prints for a local band.  I’m hoping to do more band posters soon, so if you’re in need, make sure to contact me.

Monsters are fun to draw.

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The Book of Automobiles

For this Tip Top Tuesday, I’m providing eye candy for those of us who think cars were way cooler when people could hear the rattle and feel the wind in their hair.

I found this, The Book of Automobiles illustrated/published by Tre Tryckare of sweden, at the YMCA thrift store in Blacksburg, VA.  It was apparently discarded from the Dade County High School Library.  It’s in rough shape, but the images are pure art.  A quick search reveals that the Tre Tryckare company illustrated all kinds of things, from books about ships to vikings and whales, all of them with this clean, flat and very accurate style.  I love it!  I cleaned up a few of the images, only a handful of the gems found in the book.

Mercedes, 1902

Lanchester, 1906

F.N. 1910

Blitzen Benz, 1910

Napier, 1912

Citroen Type A, 1919

Type 30 Bugatti, 1926

Austin 7 Sedan, 1928

Cadillac V8, 1928

Daimler, 1928

Frazer Nash “Le Mans Replica” 1934

Riley 2 1/2 Litre, 1946

Even the end pages are lovely.
My favorite car is the “Blitzen Benz.”  It looks like a bullet to me.  How slick would you look in that, wearing a scarf and goggles, flying down the road at breakneck speeds of 130 mph?
According to this Serious Wheels article, the Blitzen Benz was faster than anything on land had ever been.  It toured the world like a circus act.  The Book of Automobiles says it broke records in 1912 when it reaches 136.76 mph. Apparently that’s TWICE as fast as aircraft were in those days! Gorgeous.


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Chalkboard World Map

My Christmas present for Husband Eric was homemade- fortunately, he likes those kinds best.  We love to travel and have millions of trips planned for the future, so I made him a chalkboard world map.  And I love it.

I started by nailing a two long 1 in square pieces of wood to the back of a large, thin 3 foot by 4 foot piece of wood, to make a sort of frame and give it thickness.  I then painted the wood with several coats of chalkboard paint and did some perfunctory sanding in an attempt to make it chalkboard-smooth.  I could’ve done a better job of it, but I kind of like the imperfections in the finished product.

Next I borrowed a transparency projector and projected a world map onto my chalkboard.  I traced the lines with a pencil and then went over those lines with a thin paintbrush and white acrylic paint, creating the white outlines of countries that stood out sharply against the black of the chalkboard.

I read somewhere that you’re supposed to cover your whole chalkboard with chalk before using it to “season” it.  I don’t know if thats necessary, but it was kind of fun.  Except for all the chalk dust.

Then the fun part!  I went nuts decorating it with fancy lettering and antique map-type sea creatures and ships.  I love the scratchy texture of the chalkboard and the ghosts left by erased lines.  We can keep track of our travel plans and dream for the future.  We can make notes about friends abroad and world events.

It’s now on the wall of our living room and I am beyond pleased with the results.  You can see the corner of my studio corner in the background there…

We hope that our next big trip is Norway!  Eric’s family is Norwegian, and his grandparents live there during the summer on the family farm.

I already know that I’m going to make a USA chalkboard map for our trips closer to home.

What fun projects have you done with chalkboard paint?


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Home is the place where I’m with you

Phew!  Today I finished some wedding invitations I’ve been working on and handed them off to the bride for mailing.  I’m so excited about them, and I can’t wait to share them with you- next week, after the guests have had time to receive theirs.

I finished those invites just in time for a romantic anniversary weekend with my husband in Atlanta- we’re leaving tomorrow morning.  Yes, our anniversary was in July, but we delayed in booking our hotel and finally decided it would be fun to have a reason for celebrating in early February.  A mid-winter breath of relief and much-needed time away.

Here is the poster I made him for our actual anniversary.

The images and text are raised on little tabs.

The line, of course, is from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

Home is an excellent song to dance around in the kitchen to while making pancakes and conducting with a spatula, by the way.

If you haven’t seen ES & TMZ perform live, check out this video.  They’re so full of energy, it’s stupendous.


also, this is precious, I died with love at 1:48


Go dance in the kitchen with your love!



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