Chalkboard World Map

My Christmas present for Husband Eric was homemade- fortunately, he likes those kinds best.  We love to travel and have millions of trips planned for the future, so I made him a chalkboard world map.  And I love it.

I started by nailing a two long 1 in square pieces of wood to the back of a large, thin 3 foot by 4 foot piece of wood, to make a sort of frame and give it thickness.  I then painted the wood with several coats of chalkboard paint and did some perfunctory sanding in an attempt to make it chalkboard-smooth.  I could’ve done a better job of it, but I kind of like the imperfections in the finished product.

Next I borrowed a transparency projector and projected a world map onto my chalkboard.  I traced the lines with a pencil and then went over those lines with a thin paintbrush and white acrylic paint, creating the white outlines of countries that stood out sharply against the black of the chalkboard.

I read somewhere that you’re supposed to cover your whole chalkboard with chalk before using it to “season” it.  I don’t know if thats necessary, but it was kind of fun.  Except for all the chalk dust.

Then the fun part!  I went nuts decorating it with fancy lettering and antique map-type sea creatures and ships.  I love the scratchy texture of the chalkboard and the ghosts left by erased lines.  We can keep track of our travel plans and dream for the future.  We can make notes about friends abroad and world events.

It’s now on the wall of our living room and I am beyond pleased with the results.  You can see the corner of my studio corner in the background there…

We hope that our next big trip is Norway!  Eric’s family is Norwegian, and his grandparents live there during the summer on the family farm.

I already know that I’m going to make a USA chalkboard map for our trips closer to home.

What fun projects have you done with chalkboard paint?



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4 responses to “Chalkboard World Map

  1. I am sooo impressed with the map. I will have to see what I can do here at home… I have maps up in the toy room and by the reading nook for the boys. Chalkboard maps though, I will have to investigate a bit more….

  2. leah

    good grief! genius! why was i not told of this before??

  3. Elise Birnbaum

    i LOVE this!!

  4. s1i11y

    agreed. genius. I have plenty of leftover chalkboards from the wedding so maybe I’ll craft something like this out of one of them…

    But you make it look so easy when I know it definitely is not.

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