The Book of Automobiles

For this Tip Top Tuesday, I’m providing eye candy for those of us who think cars were way cooler when people could hear the rattle and feel the wind in their hair.

I found this, The Book of Automobiles illustrated/published by Tre Tryckare of sweden, at the YMCA thrift store in Blacksburg, VA.  It was apparently discarded from the Dade County High School Library.  It’s in rough shape, but the images are pure art.  A quick search reveals that the Tre Tryckare company illustrated all kinds of things, from books about ships to vikings and whales, all of them with this clean, flat and very accurate style.  I love it!  I cleaned up a few of the images, only a handful of the gems found in the book.

Mercedes, 1902

Lanchester, 1906

F.N. 1910

Blitzen Benz, 1910

Napier, 1912

Citroen Type A, 1919

Type 30 Bugatti, 1926

Austin 7 Sedan, 1928

Cadillac V8, 1928

Daimler, 1928

Frazer Nash “Le Mans Replica” 1934

Riley 2 1/2 Litre, 1946

Even the end pages are lovely.
My favorite car is the “Blitzen Benz.”  It looks like a bullet to me.  How slick would you look in that, wearing a scarf and goggles, flying down the road at breakneck speeds of 130 mph?
According to this Serious Wheels article, the Blitzen Benz was faster than anything on land had ever been.  It toured the world like a circus act.  The Book of Automobiles says it broke records in 1912 when it reaches 136.76 mph. Apparently that’s TWICE as fast as aircraft were in those days! Gorgeous.


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2 responses to “The Book of Automobiles

  1. The Benz looks like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car from the Disney movie. I love it!!

  2. AP

    I can’t believe you found that book and I love that you cleaned up the pics. These would be such cool prints in a little boy’s room.

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