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Moon Screenprint

This screen print was a gift for my talented-collage-artist friend Gabi.

My of my prints are made from my drawings, not photos, so this is a break from tradition.  I’m just starting to dabble more in halftones, and I really like how this one turned out.  The moon seems to be glowing.

I’m normally not one for trying to be poetic, but I really liked those phrases describing the moon

I’ve been reading screen printing threads at like crazy, and I’m excited by the prospect of using 4-color process printing to be able to reproduce my watercolors with screenprinting.  The immensely talented people at Landland use this technique quite solidly.  The posters they make are like none I’ve seen elsewhere.  I have a printing crush on them.

I found the moon photo in the incredibly image gallery at the National Optical Astronomy Observatory.  Go check it out- there’s all sorts of gorgeous, high-res images of celestial objects like the sun, nebulae, the moon and stars.


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