New Work

It’s been a busy month and for most of it I wasn’t sure where the camera was.

I have about fifty projects going on now, and I’m working on each one a little at a time.  The newest project involves vacuuming every single inch of our house, including under the bed and behind the dresser, every single day for the next couple of weeks.  It’s not that I’ve suddenly succumbed to an obsessive cleaning compulsion, it’s that somehow hoards of fleas have found their way into our petless, hardwood floored home.  The culprit is likely some boxes that we retrieved from storage in our friend’s shed, a shed that was until recently home to some flea-ridden mongrels some might call Man’s Best Friend.  I would call them Flea’s Best Friend.

I cannot, I CANNOT stand living with bugs in general, but I would take even cockroaches over these fleas.  I feel like I’m being bitten all the time, even when I’m not- phantom flea bites.  Therefore I’m enlisting the help over every toxic chemical I can get my hands on.  My husband and I hate living around chemicals, but the fleas will die at any cost.

The upside of this is that in this vacuuming process we’ve located millions of earrings and bobby pins, as well as several socks, power cords, and yes- the camera.

Over the next few days I will share some recent work that I can now document.

I’ve continued work with My Instant Lunch, including a show poster and more album artwork.  The eventual plan is to create a CD case that looks like a little book with pages sewn in and an illustration inspired by each song.  Here’s what I have so far:

The album cover:

Another 5 or so drawings are in the works.  They all feature children- the band wants it to seem like a macabre children’s story book.

The show poster:

I love the shadowy creatures.  And the lettering for Mazes and Monsters (a band I’ll be sharing a poster for tomorrow).

I am happy with the over all grittiness of the poster, I think it fits the mood of the album and show.  However, You can see the seams where I had to tape 8.5″x11″ transparencies together to make the poster this 18″x24″.  I really need to find a place that will print large transparencies cheaply.  Any ideas?



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4 responses to “New Work

  1. s1i11y

    Have you tried flea bombing your house? Apparently it is well worth it; you just need to steer clear of your home for 24 hours afterwards. We once had to flea bomb GTOTS…!

  2. Miriam

    Awesome work! You never cease to amaze me! :o)

  3. Emily Luke

    Hey Mikaela! I hope you have been well! I was just gonna say that I get my transparencies printed at Kinko’s. The biggest one they do though is 11″x17″….hope that helps any!

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