My Instant Lunch Album Artwork- Done!

Hooray!  I finally have the final drawings to show you.  Some of them have been done for awhile, but I just finished watercolor painting the last three.  A Tale of Space

Into the Sea (click for larger image)


No Time

Bury My Bones

I am quite attached to these children.

Sooo if you want to hire me to illustrate your next book, shoot me an email.



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6 responses to “My Instant Lunch Album Artwork- Done!

  1. AP

    I would buy this book just for your pictures.. then rip the book apart and hang the pictures on the wall so i could see them all the time.

  2. Love the pics!! Such a great job!!

  3. Ruth Bethany

    These look amazing!!! love all of them, you are so talented!

  4. Miriam

    I’m so lucky to have such a talented daughter!!! :o)
    love you – Mom

  5. Michael Ray

    these are incredible!

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