Screen Print Bookplates

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Books and me…we go way back.  My mom loves to tell me about when I was three and she was pregnant with my little brother; twice a week we’d go to the library and stagger home with massive stacks of books.  We’d snuggle on the couch together and read all day until we both succumbed to the inexorable pull of the mid-afternoon sleep.

Now, books are my favorite thing to give and receive.  Eric is always begging me to remember that right down the street there’s a library that gives away books for free.  Libraries ARE awesome, but there’s nothing like cracking open a book so fresh that it keeps trying to slam closed on you.  There’s nothing like writing your name inside that front cover, or on a bookplate, as the case may be.

Lately I’ve been obsessed with the idea of bookplates.  I’ve made a few that I’ll share with you now, but there are so many more to come.  I started with a loopy cursive one for my friend Susan, who loves books too.  I made another version of this for my mother, too.  I know they’ll put them to good use.

I went a little nuts with there.  I got so excited about the many different paper/ink color combinations, that I made them  enough bookplates to last them the rest of their lives.  They’ll have no fear of book snatchers or cases of ownership mistaken identity.

I also made Susan this snarky mermaid bookplate.

Her version had her name in blue coming out of the water at the bottom of the print.

For my brother, who now that he’s out of college explains to us that “he reads” when we ask what he’s doing with his time, I made a little version of him.  He’s cosy in a library armchair, complete with glasses and cowlick…though I’ve never seen him wear a bow tie.

His version has his full name printed at the bottom.

And finally,  the last one I’ve made so far is this image of people dancing around the fire in the woods at night.

I think a bookplate can make any book into an heirloom.  It definitely elevates it somehow, when you care enough to label it this way.  Any book given as a gift gets like, ten more gift points if it includes personalized bookplates as well.

And finally, a confession: occasionally when someone lends me a book i think subconsciously, “Well, they’re not asking for it back, they must not care about it. I better just keep it til they ask.”  Rude, right?  Really, they probably just forgot who they lent it to.  I do that so much that I’ve started making people sign my books out on a notepad posted on my book shelf. But I think the solution really lies in…BOOKPLATES.

Check back for more bookplates soon, and in the meantime, wander on over to Etsy to see the latest additions to my shop.



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2 responses to “Screen Print Bookplates

  1. They are AMAZING!! *love the mermaid :)*

  2. Gosh as we related–and not just ‘cuz we are Cous’! I absolutely love the bookplates and I want some! I completely agree about all your thoughts on books–including the cracking of a new one versus the library… love love love!!!

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