Lake House Sign and Lizard Friends.

My desk is next to the window in the living room.  It’s probably the place in the house that gets the most light, and I like to sit there  in the sun with a cup of tea during the afternoon.  Plus, I have company there- two lizard friends that like to bask in the sun as much as I do.

They’ve hung out around the window for several months now.  I actually just realized the other day that there are two, not one, when I moved the curtain to take a picture and found another behind it.

I googled “little lizards”, and I think they’re called Anoles.  I like them very much.  Is it odd that bugs in my house freak me out, but I’m perfectly happy to sip tea next to two little lizards?  I guess they eat bugs, which is nice of them.

I assume they know how to get out if they wanted to….right?  I mean, how did they get in?  I’ve been imagining this cushy indoor life they’ve lucked upon, but maybe they’re sitting on the windowsill mourning their freedom!

My mother-in-law kindly sent a photograph of the finished sign in her house, so I’ll show it off to you.

I’m pleased with it.  I like the fur and the peaceful look on the fox’s face.  Next summer when we visit the cottage, I’ll photograph it in it’s final resting place.  In norwegian, it says “Welcome to the Lake House” and then in french, below, “One dreams here.”  I remembered how much I like wielding a brush while painting it.



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4 responses to “Lake House Sign and Lizard Friends.

  1. i love the lizards~ we had a frog stuck between our storm window and inner window last spring… too fun! love the sign too!!!

  2. i laughed out loud at “i googled little lizards”

    since when do you drink tea??

  3. I can only manage chai tea, but I love it. i’ve moved on from chai lattes to reg chai tea with honey and no milk, and that’s a big deal for me.

  4. elizabeth

    i used to have pet anoles. i had an electric heated rock they would sit on. that’s why i was so cool in middle school.

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