Family Photos

There’s this hilarious photograph of my father, uncle and grandfather taken when dad was 13 or so.  He’s smiling, small and blond, and the other two are massive and severe.

Also dad’s shirt is a comic strip.  So good.

The photograph inspired this little doodle awhile ago.

My father is not pictured in the doodle.


Here’s a Christmas card I found last year while helping my Grandma clean out her basement.

My grandpa was so awesome looking!  Here he is, looking awesome again!

And here he is as a child in a cornfield in Sweden.

We all loved him very much.



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3 responses to “Family Photos

  1. OHHHH Do I love these pics!! Your dad is fabulous in that pic w/ G’pa & Uncle J. totally crazy!!! Thanks for sharing! ox

  2. Mom

    Thank you, Miki, for posting these. I have been missing Dad a lot more lately… Love you

  3. JDL

    Wow! Haven’t seen those pictures in years. Thanks for sharing. JDL

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