Kari and Chris Invites

Kari’s wedding invitations were such a pleasure to work on.  She wanted an illustrated, screen printed invite that would reflect her and Chris’ personalities and interests.  She told me a bit about herself and her fiancé, and then I got to dream up whatever I wanted!  Here is one of the initial sketches I sent her, the one she liked the best.  You can see how it became the final illustration.

The added challenge of working with one color only made it that much more fun and I’m quite pleased with the results.  I really like the look of the wildflowers, and I’m going to make some more patterned work in that style.

Even more fun was the fact that I got to hand-deliver the screen printed invites to Kari in Durham when I was there visiting a friend.  I loved getting to meet her and watch her open the package of invites.  I’m excited for her to marry Chris this weekend and start their new life together!

I screen printed the invites on kraft paper, and Kari stuffed them in kraft paper envelopes.   It was a laid-back look that suites the day they have planned.

I took the pictures of the invitations on the deck of the cottage, which, as I have mentioned, is a dome-home.  It’s completely awesome to be living here this summer!  I want it to get a little warmer, though, because the water is frigid, and I haven’t ventured farther into the lake than an exploratory slap at the water.

Later that day, I watched a huge storm roll down the lake.  The sudden violence of the wind and rain was stunning, and awesome to watch from the warmth of the living room.


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  1. Once again, I love your work!! Awesome storm shot too!

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