Augusta Market Poster

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At the end of last summer, Brooke commissioned me to paint a poster for the Augusta Farmer’s Market.  Here’s the premise she wanted:  Digger the Otter (who is the mascot for the market.  I hear they have a guy in an otter suit walking around these days) is a fun-loving, family-friendly party animal who loves scampering around the river and pal-ing around with the market goers.  HOWEVER, there is this mischievous beaver named BLOCKER who DAMS things.  He ruins all Digger’s happy plans and is always lurking around looking for ways to cause mayhem.  Then she was like….”And maybe there could be a beaver in an otter suit….”

Well, I didn’t take it that far.  I’m not sure I could tell the difference between a real otter and a beaver in an otter suit. But I did want to capture the exciting feeling of community at the market, as well as the diversity of the vendors.  It was fun imagining all the characters and figuring out how to fit them into the space.  Oh, and that’s me on the right selling bread!

One of the main focal points at the market is the big fountain that explodes into the air in the middle of the square.  It looks like its coming out of a thing like the metal cages cities build for their trashcans.  Kids play around it all summer, and I feature Digger here flying high on the fountain with a lemonade in his hand.  Blocker is lurking below, plotting, no doubt.

watercolor and pen



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4 responses to “Augusta Market Poster

  1. How do you take such great shots of your work? I’m always struggling to get true colors and to keep the edges from bowing in the photo. I heard taking the photo in natural light with no flash… I’m sure there’s a million different methods.

    Oh, super cute by the way! Love the otter! He steals the show ;-D

  2. Thanks! This was taken in natural light with no flash, which I think is the only way to go if you don’t have professional lights and equipment. I did use photoshop to get the light balance right- to make sure the whites are white. (I think there is a free version you can download, it might have that feature.) If you have lower light, a tripod might help to reduce camera shake.

    thanks for the comment!

  3. Miriam

    You really MUST start signing your work!!

  4. Katie Holton

    Please come redesign the Steppin’Out t-shirts and posters for us back in your old hometown…they’ve gotten rather lame in the past few years and need a helping hand…Katie

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