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Augusta Market Poster

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At the end of last summer, Brooke commissioned me to paint a poster for the Augusta Farmer’s Market.  Here’s the premise she wanted:  Digger the Otter (who is the mascot for the market.  I hear they have a guy in an otter suit walking around these days) is a fun-loving, family-friendly party animal who loves scampering around the river and pal-ing around with the market goers.  HOWEVER, there is this mischievous beaver named BLOCKER who DAMS things.  He ruins all Digger’s happy plans and is always lurking around looking for ways to cause mayhem.  Then she was like….”And maybe there could be a beaver in an otter suit….”

Well, I didn’t take it that far.  I’m not sure I could tell the difference between a real otter and a beaver in an otter suit. But I did want to capture the exciting feeling of community at the market, as well as the diversity of the vendors.  It was fun imagining all the characters and figuring out how to fit them into the space.  Oh, and that’s me on the right selling bread!

One of the main focal points at the market is the big fountain that explodes into the air in the middle of the square.  It looks like its coming out of a thing like the metal cages cities build for their trashcans.  Kids play around it all summer, and I feature Digger here flying high on the fountain with a lemonade in his hand.  Blocker is lurking below, plotting, no doubt.

watercolor and pen



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Whale Submarine!

Check out this never-before-seen glimpse of the inner workings of whales and the men who man them!

Ok so you’ve seen this before, but I’m here to tell you that the screen printed version is now available for purchase in my etsy shop!

Each whale is so large it had to be printed in three sections with three different screens.  The paper measures 26″x40.”  The whales took over my kitchen table and then the whole living room!

I’ll compile a few ways people display it in another post, but it fits in a 27″x40″ poster frame which you can get for pretty cheap.  The top and bottom deckled edge of the paper show a little bit if you go this route.  I really like the way mine looks, cut out and mounted on foam core.  If you don’t want to frame it or cut it out, you can use clips to hang it on the wall like above.  I’m also planning on printing some more sometime with wavy blue lines around them like the whale men in the calendar (January).

I really loved drawing this cutaway, and I plan to do more like it in the future.  I want to make more and more complicated drawings of scenarios and people and places that no one has ever seen in real life.    I imagined what these whale men would do and think, shut up inside the whale like sailors on a submarine.  A few thoughts:  The captain is a little overwhelmed; he’s very capable but this is his first captain gig and he’s a bit afraid of the rest of the men.  So he stows away in his office a lot.  The crew is furious that they are being served squid for the 100th consecutive day, and the cook (who does the best he can) is pretty hot-headed himself.  The one guy that likes squid is trying not to draw attention to himself while still enjoying his meal.  A famous composer/conductor was talked into coming on this voyage and has whipped these sailors into shape- they now make the most beautiful whale sounds in the sea.

I hope these prints find a home somewhere where people stand around thinking and talking about the stories that they see in the whale.


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Mazes and Monsters Poster

Mazes and Monsters played a great show at Sky City here in Augusta last weekend.  I’m hoping to do more work for them and other Augusta bands.  I cranked out this poster pretty fast, but I’m glad to have it out there.  Notice the subtle fade from red to orange.

I enjoy drawing monsters.


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New Work

It’s been a busy month and for most of it I wasn’t sure where the camera was.

I have about fifty projects going on now, and I’m working on each one a little at a time.  The newest project involves vacuuming every single inch of our house, including under the bed and behind the dresser, every single day for the next couple of weeks.  It’s not that I’ve suddenly succumbed to an obsessive cleaning compulsion, it’s that somehow hoards of fleas have found their way into our petless, hardwood floored home.  The culprit is likely some boxes that we retrieved from storage in our friend’s shed, a shed that was until recently home to some flea-ridden mongrels some might call Man’s Best Friend.  I would call them Flea’s Best Friend.

I cannot, I CANNOT stand living with bugs in general, but I would take even cockroaches over these fleas.  I feel like I’m being bitten all the time, even when I’m not- phantom flea bites.  Therefore I’m enlisting the help over every toxic chemical I can get my hands on.  My husband and I hate living around chemicals, but the fleas will die at any cost.

The upside of this is that in this vacuuming process we’ve located millions of earrings and bobby pins, as well as several socks, power cords, and yes- the camera.

Over the next few days I will share some recent work that I can now document.

I’ve continued work with My Instant Lunch, including a show poster and more album artwork.  The eventual plan is to create a CD case that looks like a little book with pages sewn in and an illustration inspired by each song.  Here’s what I have so far:

The album cover:

Another 5 or so drawings are in the works.  They all feature children- the band wants it to seem like a macabre children’s story book.

The show poster:

I love the shadowy creatures.  And the lettering for Mazes and Monsters (a band I’ll be sharing a poster for tomorrow).

I am happy with the over all grittiness of the poster, I think it fits the mood of the album and show.  However, You can see the seams where I had to tape 8.5″x11″ transparencies together to make the poster this 18″x24″.  I really need to find a place that will print large transparencies cheaply.  Any ideas?


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Moon Screenprint

This screen print was a gift for my talented-collage-artist friend Gabi.

My of my prints are made from my drawings, not photos, so this is a break from tradition.  I’m just starting to dabble more in halftones, and I really like how this one turned out.  The moon seems to be glowing.

I’m normally not one for trying to be poetic, but I really liked those phrases describing the moon

I’ve been reading screen printing threads at like crazy, and I’m excited by the prospect of using 4-color process printing to be able to reproduce my watercolors with screenprinting.  The immensely talented people at Landland use this technique quite solidly.  The posters they make are like none I’ve seen elsewhere.  I have a printing crush on them.

I found the moon photo in the incredibly image gallery at the National Optical Astronomy Observatory.  Go check it out- there’s all sorts of gorgeous, high-res images of celestial objects like the sun, nebulae, the moon and stars.

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