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Bigfoot breakthrough

This is a post I’m excited about, because it marks a new way of working for me.  This summer I’m working away from screen printing supplies, and so am exploring new ways of making art.

I’ve been wondering how I should make color a more important part of my work, because for the past few years my drawings, painting and screen prints have been mostly about the line work.  Any color was there to add interest or define areas, but it was always a second thought, after the form was established through line.

I also caught myself believing that I had to stick to one way of working throughout the whole piece.  For example, if I started painting with a brush, I couldn’t break out a pen for little detailed parts- I had to soldier through with the brush even if it meant screwing up the whole thing.  Or that my pencil sketch had to be erased completely away and had no part in the final drawing- ridiculous stuff like that was sucking the life out of my art work.

All that to say, I’m pretty pumped about experimenting and exploring, and I’m liking what I’m discovering.  It’s interesting, too, because I’m drawing illustrations for a textbook at the same time I’m doing all this other experimenting, and those illustrations are grayscale pen and ink.  Moving back and forth between styles is challenging and frustrating and makes me wonder if I should be doing something different to “assert” my style in the textbook drawings.  Hopefully it will all help me find myself as an illustrator blah blah blah…

If I’m ever able to reconcile my natural loose line style with my desire to draw complex, detailed, narrative drawings, then I will be genius.  Or, as I learned recently from a TED talk by Elizabeth Gilbert, HAVE a genius.  Apparently in the time of the Romans, people thought that creativity came to a person in the form of a genius, sort of like a muse.  People weren’t geniuses; anything fantastic they did was a gift that was bestowed to them.  It takes the pressure for greatness away.

So anyway, my muse visited the other day, and recently my muse has looked an awful lot like Bigfoot.  I’ve been reading a book called Sasquatch:  Legend Meets Science and listening to interesting people talk on the Coast to Coast AM radio show.  (I could fill a blog with the stuff I learn on Coast to Coast.)   There will be many posts concerning Bigfoot in the future, so get excited.

What’s this guy’s story?  Jilted in love?  Lost a friend?  Just lonely hiding out in the forest away from prying eyes?  You tell me.



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