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I wanted to do a card with cut-outs on the front that showed pertinent information from the inside of the card.  I realized this is hard to do neatly with only an xacto knife, but I am inspired enough by the results that I am going to keep trying.

So here we have eyes peering out from the jungle.  Next time I try this, I need to make sure everything lines up perfectly before I make a whole run..

I also need to fix my hinge clamps.  They’ve been wobbling since I put them in and its gone on long enough.

I am enjoying the graphic nature of the jungle.  It’s a bit different from the line drawings I’ve been doing.

And leering out from the inside of the card are my motley crew of creatures (friendly leering, I like to think).  Greetings!


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Lettering for Invitations

I’m excited about all the possibilities for lettering on these tea party invitations.  The printing went really well on this run, too.

Very soon I will bring you something other than tea parties, I promise.

If I was turning 17, I would flip my lid for this birthday party invite.  Heck, I still would and I’m 24.

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A second batch of Tea Party Invitations

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Grand Opening

I’ll print this when I get back, but for now, I’m Off to New York City for the IAM Encounter.  I’ll tell you alllll about it when I get back.

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