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The Hungry Fox 2012 Calendar

After spending a month with black paint permanently coloring my cuticles, the 2012 Hungry Fox Calendar is finished and ready for purchase.  You can buy it on my etsy page, or if you live in town buy it directly from me please.   They’re a steal at $50- which is less than $5 a print.  The calendar section is easily removable, leaving a hand screened art print that fits into a 11″x14″ standard frame opening.  I’m also selling individual prints, and you can see what they look like in frames in my etsy shop as well.

Here are photos of each month, with a detail.

January/Whale Men





June/Lost Boys

July/Loch Ness Monster




November/Baba Yaga

December/Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Swamp Ape and Yeti


So much art for your walls!  Let me know which one’s your favorite, and and send me a picture of how you display yours!



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2012 Calendar Preview

A preview!  The 2012 Hungry Fox calendar!

This year the theme is Folk tales and Mythology.  Every month is, as always, hand drawn and hand screen printed.  They are all 2-color prints, on French-brand paper, measuring 12″x19″.  Order yours here:

I was excited to keep the looks for all the prints cohesive, especially this year, because the calendar part of the print is easily cut-off to leave a very framable art print.

Like so:

It fits into a standard 11×14 opening.

The months are as follows:

January: Whale Men (more of these to come, keep an eye out for the next post.)

February: Valkyries

March: Minotaur

April: Harpies

May: Fauns/Satyrs/Bacchus

June: Lost Boys/Wild Children

July: Loch Ness Monster

August: Mermaids

September: Centaurs

October: Trolls

November: Baba Yaga

December:  Yeti, Bigfoot, Swamp Ape AND Sasquatch.  Together at last.

I had so much fun making these dense, complicated drawings.  Let me know in the comments which is your favorite.  I’ll be posting more images soon.

Every limited edition Calendar is signed and numbered.

Calendars available for pre-order and will be sent on or before December 10th.  Just in time for the Holidays!  Order here:


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