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Astounding poster by Kevin Tong

So…this is not my work, but I wish it was.  I was just blown away but this amazing poster by Kevin Tong and I had to share it.

See more photos and work at his website.

It’s a four-color poster.  The texture…details…atmospheric quality….astounding.


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My Instant Lunch Album

SUPER exciting news- Augusta band My Instant Lunch has asked me to do the album artwork for their new album, Death, Destruction and other Stories for Children. The concept for the album art is a kids’ story book.  You’ll be able to buy it with a little book filled with illustrations inspired by the music.  It’s straight up exactly what I want be doing right now- narrative watercolor images that make you think “now what exactly is going on here?”

The My Instant Lunch album launch show with special guest Mazes and Monsters is this Saturday, March 26, at Sky City in downtown Augusta.  Doors at 8 pm, Music at 10.

I’m working like crazy on art, layouts and posters this week, but here is a sneak preview.

These are the concept sketches from when we were in the early part of planning.  I’ll wait to post the finished images until after the show.

Ok, just one finished image, to whet your appetites.

Come to the show and buy the album!


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